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  • A personal site about choosing the life as a traveler with great, photos, videos and tales from around the globe.

    First of all Prince William said something that i think fits you. He said he felt like a duck sliding in the water but under the water the paws were working hard. It’s crazy because you are very contradictory, you can delimit your space and keep people distant but everything you looked for these years was integration, be part of the whole. I think your main characteristic is this inquietation inside, so I think all these trips are also a search for something that could make you feel more tranquillo inside. I think you left your comfort or discomfort zone (is the same because it was the known, was safe anyway) trying to find out who is the human being the essence of people, I think you wanted to know if they could be good, if they would help a totally unknown person, you look for the unconditional love in the persons you met. I think it’s like if the others can show their love I can show mine too. You open yourself to all the risks these experiences could bring trying to find peace and love. And look not for the self but the whole. So your characteristics as a traveler are inquietation, a courage that’s something incredible, in my opinion, and this search for profound relations.

    Author: Janaina Santos, Sao Paulo - Brazil